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Tnt Skatepark Best trick Contest Senigallia - Quick Edit from Board Action on Vimeo.

The 11th may 2014 took place the TNT Skatepark Best Trick Contest in Senigallia. The TNT guys worked hard for this event, with the Senigallia squat they have provided a nice atmosphere, skateboarding, music, sausages and beers. That day the TNT guys have sold t-shirts and skateboards to substain their scene and to help Senigallia’s people who have been hitted by a flood in the last days.

My video for the “Slalom delle 5 torri” #hillclimb #race in Osimo is out! Come check the full video on my facebook page (link in my profile) #motorsport #racecar #cargram #cars #racing #osimo #igersancona #igersmarche #marche #marchetourism #loves_marche #pov #gopro #ilovemarche #speed #carporn #racingcars #horsepower

Along The Way - Bobby Lamirande from Mind Spark Cinema on Vimeo.

Along The Way is a new series from Mind Spark Cinema that brings each of the cinematographers back to their roots. Their love for capturing that special moment. Simply wanting to pick up a camera and create something to share with others. It’s common to think “It’s not the final destination, but the journey along the way” and that is a perfect example of experiences that just happen, and sometimes they need to documented.

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